About us


Student Association Amphitryon is founded on October 8th of 1951 and has been related to the Hotel Management School Maastricht since then. The former dean of the Hotel School, Mr. Spronck,  asked 5 students to establish an association. These five students were Mr. Jos Schoenmakers, Mr. Louis Terlien, Mr. Cees van Oosterhout, Mr. Jan Gravendeel & Mr. Paul Specken. 

Our association colors are red and green. Red stands for the connection with the city of Maastricht and green for Brand beerbrewery who has been our Platinum sponsor since 1953. 

Amphitryon and the Hotel School have been founded at the Boschstraat in Grand Hôtel du Lévrier et l'Aigle Noir. In 1953 the Club Bar, campus and school moved to Château Bethlehem. The magazine of the association "Amphitryon" has changed to "Pottenkijker", "Tastevin" and is since 1975 called the "Presse Canard". In the 70's the first women were allowed on the school and also in our association. 

Club Bar "De Sociëteit" 

The first bar was located at the Boschstraat in the same building as the Hotel School. Together with school and the association the Club Bar moved to Château Bethlehem, first in "de Franse zaal". In 1971 the Club Bar moved to the hay attic "de Hooizolder" and in 1984 the Club Bar moved to the bread cellar "de Broodkelder". In 1987 Amphitryon started to build the current Club Bar and opened in 1989. 


Student Association Amphitryon consists out of several groups. These groups are fraternities, sororities, quadrants, committees and yearclubs. Next to that a group of 8 valued members take on the task of Board of Amphitryon. 

Hotel Management School Maastricht

Student Association Amphitryon is related with the Hotel Management School Maastricht. The Hotel Management School Maastricht can rely on a rich tradition. It has been supplying talented professionals to the international hotel industry for over 65 years. In many countries, former students hold crucial management positions. They are ambassadors and ensure that the institute has an excellent reputation at home and abroad.