Fraternity De Gvstibvs Non Dispvtandem Est

Enjoy life while it lasts. The gentlemen of the "The Gvstibvs Non Dispvtandvm Est" have been living by this motto for as long as they can remember. Since its establishment on 18 January 1985, this is by far the most tasteful fraternity in the Netherlands. There is no accounting for taste. Besides taste, the fraternity also highly values family and school. The gentlemen who can be recognized by the red sweater always guarantee a good party. A good student life starts with the basics at the Hotel Management School Maastricht and that is obtaining the Propedeuse. Therein lies the focus of the gentlemen of "The Gvstibvs Non Dispvtandvm Est".

De Gvstibvs Non Dispvtandem Est