Current Board

Current Board

Student Association Amphitryon is led by the Board, consisting of 8 different functions.

The board of Amphitryon is recognizable by their red and green 'tastevin' fin and takes one year seat. 

Quinten Bader

Chairman, Quinten Bader.

The Chairman oversees the Board. He/she delegates, coordinates and controls the overall final responsibility. The Chairman is the Face of the Association and is in contact with the management of the Hotel Management School Maasticht and external relations. This includes contact with the Alliance.

Sam van Klooster

Vice-chairman, Sam van Klooster. 

The Vice-chairman is the contact person for the first years, fraternities and sororities, year clubs, quadrants and clubs. He/she assists the Chairman and replaces him/her in his/her absence. He/she is also the trustee for all Members. The statutes and all internal regulations as well as the sanctions fall under his/her responsibility. The Vice-chairman is the first point of contact for the first years and is supported in this by the First Year Commission and the First Year Consultation Body. The Vice President is also responsible for CV de Nondesjukes and together they organize the (Pré-)Lunch Carnavalesque. In addition, he or she organizes the Mid-Winter party and Pré-Summer party for all upcoming students to get to know the association.

Charlie Beesems

Secretary, Charlie Beesems.

The Secretary is in charge of all correspondence and takes care of the minutes of all meetings. In addition, the minutes of the ALV are established by the President and Secretary. He/she also maintains the contacts with Old-Members and takes care of a good Members administration. The archive is managed by the Secretary. Contacts with the city, such as befriended associations and independent fraternities and sororities also go via the Secretary. He/she is also responsible for Amphitryon during the INKOM. He/she takes care of Amphitryon's website and database. He/she is also the deputy Treasurer in case of absence.

Connor Houwers

Treasurer, Connor Houwers. 

The Treasurer is responsible for all financial affairs of Amphitryon. In case of absence of the Secretary, the Treasurer fulfills this function. As far as the finances of the Club Bar are concerned, he / she is supported by the Treasurers of the Club Bar. He/she is also responsible for the purchase and sale of association articles.

Kiki van Ling

Events Coordinator, Kiki van Ling. 

The Events Coordinator is responsible for organizing our association's events. Major events such as the Solution, the Hockey-Voetbalweekend (HoVo), the biannual Introduction and the Board Change. There are also a number of other events such as the Funda bar nights and the Lustrum which is organized once every 5 years. The final responsibility lies with the Event Coordinator and is supported during the preparations and events by the Program Coordinators and a Lustrum Committee at the Lustrum.​​​​​​​

Jerry Harmsen

PR Coordinator, Jerry Harmsen. 

The PR Coordinator is responsible for the internal and external PR of Amphitryon. He/she maintains contact with all sponsors. To ensure that the relationships with our partners are used as optimally as possible, he or she receives support from the PR Committee. The Presse Canard, the association magazine, also falls under the responsibility of the PR Coordinator, just like the debutant press. Every year a Sponsorship Day is organized where the partners are put in the spotlight. In addition, the PR Coordinator is responsible for the honorary members. In the summer he / she organizes together with her Program Coordinators the Amphitryon stand at the Preuvenemint.

Bas Hamaekers

Club Bar Coordinator, Bas Hamaekers. 

The Club Bar Coordinator is responsible for the Club Bar. He/she is responsible for, among other things, purchasing, contact with suppliers, maintenance, the various committees and policy matters concerning the Society. The Club Bar Committee supports him/her in these tasks. The Club Bar Coordinator is also responsible for the contact with the Caves d'Amphitryon Wine Club and the Cooking Club Société Gastronomique.

Benthe Mulder

Sports, Culture and Education Coordinator, Benthe Mulder.

The Sport, Culture and Education Coordinator is responsible for the organisation of various small and big activities in terms of sports, culture and education. In organising these, he/she is assisted by the various Committees under his/her responsibility such as the Sport Committee, Business Club and International Committee. In addition, the Sport, Culture and Education Coordinator is responsible for the collaboration with the teachers of the Hotel Management School Maastricht and the possibilities of obtaining study credits by performing certain functions at Amphitryon (ComIn). He/she is also responsible for the Race of the Classics, Amskitryon, the Boostcamp and Student Association band What's Cookin!?

Bestuur Bader 2023-2024

Q.F.T. (Quinten) Bader Voorzitter
S. (Sam) van Klooster Vice-voorzitter
C. (Charlie) Beesems Secretaris
C.J.S. (Connor) Houwers Penningmeester
K. (Kiki) van Ling Evenementen Coördinator
G.D. (Jerry) Harmsen PR Coördinator
B.B.T. (Bas) Hamaekers Sociëteitscoördinator
B.E. (Benthe) Mulder Sport, Cultuur en Educatie Coördinator