For many, the lustrum trip is one of the highlights of their time as a student. You save up for it, live for it, and when the time comes you want everything to be arranged down to the last detail. To give members an extra advantage and help in this Bohemian Birds has a partnership with Amphitryon. Bohemian Birds is specialized in organizing lustrum trips and is now located in over 121 countries. At Bohemian Birds, you can arrange everything from A - Z or just a part of your trip. The lustrum committee stays in charge, Bohemian Birds takes care of it for you. Because of the large purchasing advantage, Bohemian Birds is cheaper than when you book all separate components of a trip via Google. In addition, your money is insured and Bohemian Birds has agreements with airlines so cheaper tickets can be booked. In addition to all these benefits, Bohemian Birds is offering each Amphitryon group a free extreme sports activity on location! This offer can be cashed by indicating during the intake meeting at Bohemian Birds that you want to make use of the association deal between Amphitryon and Bohemian Birds. An offer and intake interview are of course free of charge and without obligation. Many student groups throughout the Netherlands have already booked with Bohemian Birds, so there is a frame of reference regarding the quality of the trips!

Bohemian Birds