After two years of full membership in SV Amphitryon, you become an 'ouwelul'. Later on; if you belong to the oldest sitting class of SV Amphitryon in Maastricht, you will be in the so called C.O.A.N.A.: Committee to Support Aperitifs after Graduation. From this C.O.A.N.A. one person is chosen to be the 'head' of this committee and to lead it and organize aperitifs. This is the opperouwelul. This is a special and honorable title, which you earn by being elected by the relevant C.O.A.N.A. class and is announced in the GMM by the previous opperouwelul. The opperouwelul gets his/her own beer mug, his/her own stool and a picture with his/her photo and name on the wall in the Club Bar.